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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

review of The Summer King

The Summer King (The Chronicles of Faerie, Book 2)The Summer King by O.R. Melling

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This second book in a series "shimmering with magic, myth, and romance" (Booklist), follows sixteen-year-old Laurel as she tries to understand the cause of her twin sister's mysterious death. Honor believed in Faerie, a parallel land of mischievous immortals. Laurel doesn't. That is, until the fairies come and ask her to take up her sister's failed quest to find the Summer King, a lord who can light the midsummer fire that keeps the two worlds, human and Faerie, cleaved. Laurel must decide to help those whose cause killed her sister, and, in the process, come to believe that there is still magic-and love-in the world.

I loved this book, it was beautifully writen as Hunters Moon was.
The character Laurel changes and grows in the story and becomes an extreamly strong and dedicated young woman. Laurel is search through out Ireland to find and save the missing Summer King, and maybe save her sister at the same time. I loved Ian, how his character changes... even when he really changes. I'm so mad that I never bought the Light-Bearer's Daughter but I got it at my Library and I know I will love it.

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