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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The New Year

Wow! this time tomorrow It will be 2011.. wierd huh?
This has been one roller coaster or a year. I've meet some amazing and wonderful people and felt that sting of Love. I've cried and laughed. Got two Tattoos :D I went to Faeriecon and saw Faun live and danced my faerie heart out!
and read some amazing books, the best being: Luna, ClockWork Angel, Radiant Shadows, Wildthorn.
I had days that I hated this year, days that made me want to go insane and cry. I had days and many nights of pure unadulterated bliss and happiness and I will never forget those that brought me happiness and I will forget those that have hurt me. Its a new year coming and a new begining.
get ready for more reviews and more give aways... and maybe i'll be at BEA? Maybe.. I don't know its a possibility
I love you all!

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