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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Contest question: Fallen - Torment

So you all know I'm giving away Fallen and Torment, but I have a question. Do you all want one winner to win both or two winners one for Fallen and one for Torment? Tell me in the comments! There's still time to win!

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  1. Hmmm..I suggest both...but then again I have fallen and well if I would win I'd want torment....idk..

  2. Hmmm I wanna say 1 winner but if that winner wasn't me then I would be a little sad because I could have been the second winner and I haven't read either book so I do need them I say 2 winners! :D

  3. Hmm...I say do two winners. Because then people who have already read Fallen could get Torment and people who haven't read the series could get Fallen. The only issue is that you would have to know who read it and who didn't. But you should do whatever you want :)

    Haha you should have asked the good-looking cop. He would have stayed longer ;D