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Monday, April 26, 2010

Ink Exchange, Fragile Eternity, Radiant Shadows

Out of all of Melissa Marr's books this one is my favorite. I really connected to Leslie, not because of what happened to her, but because of her spirit. She is am amazing lead character: Strong willed, kind, and extreamly strong.
The book takes place after Wicked Lovely from the point of views of Leslie, Ash's best friend, Niall, advisor to the Summer King, and Irial, the King of the Dark Court. Things have changed since WL and the Dark Court needs a new plan and that plan is Leslie. I loved how each character changed through out the book. Leslie from some one who had so much fear to some one who could choose to be happy, even if it means loosing something important. Like Irial who seems to be evil in the begining you find out that despite being King of the things that go bump in the night, he is loving and extreamly loyal. But it's Niall's character arch that always gets me. He changes so much from Wicked Lovely to the begining of Ink Exchange, and at the end of the book. He grows as a person finally able to be himself. I love this book, not only for the plot, but the message behind the book: That no matter how dark the tunnel is there is always a light at the end. You just have to survive.

Fragile Eternity,

Is the third book in the Melissa Marr's wicked lovely series. The tables have turned: the Summer Court is getting stronger, Winter is on the verge of vengences, and The Dark Court had a new King. The Characters from Wicked Lovely are back at the fore front. When ever I read this book I get chills because I know that something bad is going to happen, to many conflicts, to may competeing agendas. This is the book where I feel head over heals in love with Niall. As I said in the INK review, he has the most amazing character arch I have read in YA lit. He's just so bad ass, but so caring for those he loves. Seth, oh my seth. Many hated Seth after FE but I loved him, he's not as calm as we think he is in WL and I loved that.

Keenan, oh keenan, keenan, keenan.... I wanted to hit him and Ash the entire book. But it was Donia who stole the show, for me at least, she is strong, and able to let go of things she loves in order to protect her court, she's a great Queen

I won't give away to much, but Radiant Shadows was one of the sadest books in the series. One thing I love about these books are that Melissa Marr is that she doesn't surgar coat. She's realistic in her writing, and that shows in RS. I laughed and boy did I cry. Ani is an amazing character one of my favorites, and Devlin, wow, did my opinion on him change. I was happy to be back in the Dark Court seeing more of Irial (I feel in love with him in this book) and of Niall. This was a great fourth installment, I couldn't of been happier.
Can't wait for the fifth book, Darkest Mercy

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