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Friday, April 9, 2010

Gaurdian of the Dead by Karen Healey was a very good read, and one of the only books in a long time that I needed to finish. Though I did have some issues with some points in the plot, be warned I might have some minor spoilers in this review.
Now for the Good: I loved the character of Ellie, she was smart, shy but not to the point of annoyance, in the begining she compalined a bit but that seemed to die out as the book went on. Her best friend, kevin, is hysterical and very crush worth even if he is Asexual. I loved the first half of the book more so than the Second, as the character of Reka really facinated me. The reader doesn't know whether to see her as a victim or as a villian.
The book took many old greek myths such as the Greek Myth of Orpheus: http:// and used the New Zealand folk Lore on Faeries Called: Maori. I loved how the author used these tails to twist into her story and create a beautiful and believeable story, filled with Faerie and Witches (an intersting combination)
Because I had a few issues with the ending I give this an A

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