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Friday, January 14, 2011

Vampire Knight Series by Matsuri Hino

Well I have fininished the series of Vampire Knight (Minus Volume 12)

This is the first Manga that I have read and I highly enjoyed it. The story of Yuki, Zero, and Kaname is something that I can go back and read over and over. and I give you My Favorite Twins!!! *Kiss Kiss* I will go through each character that really stood out to me.

Yuki Cross:

Yuki is great! I love that she is so tiny but kicks so much ass!

Zero Kiryu:

Zero is my favorite of the entire series, I loved watching his eternal struggle as a Vampire Hunter turning Vampire.

Kaname Kuran:

Kaname, is my least favorite. I actually find his obbession with Yuki kind of freaky o.O

Ichiru Kiryu: Zero's Twin is one of those character that seems terrible but he became someone that I really liked. (So Much so that the Twins made it as the main picture for this Post ^_^)

Yori: Yori was a good friend to Yuki, I like how she never pesters Yuki but she still does what she can for her

Kain (Wild): Kain is sexy! He's wild but still has this calmness that I love

AIDO!!! So yes I love me some Aido! He is by Far my Number ONE! More so than even Zero. I love his happy go lucky character and the loyalty he has for Kaname.

Shiki: I felt very badly for Shiki, what happens to him was not something he deserved and he was just being himself never really making trouble. He just wants to sleep


And now I leave you with a picture of MY Aido! Enjoy!!!

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